Selfie Station


What if you could smile for a living? How would you like to be invited to all the best parties and events? What if you were in charge of when and how much you worked? If that sounds good to you, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Selfie Station, the premier photo booth for friendly entrepreneurs who want to take charge of their schedule and have more fun.



Meet the life of the party. Smile maker, photo taker, people magnet. The boothless design of Selfie Station makes it an attention getter in any setting. Whatever the occasion, Selfie Station draws a crowd for smiles, laughter and souvenirs. WATCH A SHORT DEMO.

Selfie Station snaps high-resolutions photos from its professional DSLR camera. Next, guests edit and customize photos using a 32-inch vertical touchscreen. With simple backgrounds and filters, the post-production is almost as much fun as the posing.

Guests can share their snaps instantly via email, text, Facebook and Twitter or print a new masterpiece for the refrigerator. Plus you can personalize the photo frames for your clients. Whether you’re working with a business looking for buzz or newlyweds who want to make special memories, Selfie Station makes priceless memories for your clients.

Big, small, corporate, family, public, private, whatever the event, Selfie Station is a hit.

“I love seeing people happy. Selfie Station definitely does that at every event. It has allowed me to make extra income while doing something fun and enjoyable. Owning a Selfie Station has been a great opportunity. It was well worth the investment!”

— Noemi F.


Companies can grow brand awareness with branded photo frames that customers share via social media. Companies big and small (and in between) love how Selfie Station allows them to make a great impression with personalized photos and custom captions and tags. It’s a snap to grow your company’s brand recognition.

Not only can companies create a branded photo frame and special social media tags, they can also brand the booth and backdrop. It’s a sure hit for brand managers.


Selfie Station: A huge draw at trade shows and company events.