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The event industry is growing rapidly. Last year, corporate event planners spent over a trillion dollars to promote their businesses at conferences and events in the United States. In fact, there were 1.8 million corporate meetings and events in 2015, according to a PriceWaterhouse Coopers' study. One of the most coveted items for event planners were modern photo booths connected to social media, email and text that magnify the impact of every photo with valuable branding and word-of-mouth marketing.

Today's photo booths provide near limitless opportunities for customization and connection, but there's a dearth of photo booth companies in many markets across the country. IBISWorld’s Party & Event Planners says, “There are no companies with a dominant market share in this industry.” That means intrepid entrepreneurs have an opportunity to tap into a growing market. Carpe Selfie! Growth, lack of competition and low cost of entry make a photo booth a great investment for outgoing people ready to make people smile at fun events. Owners of photo booth companies become part of the meetings economy. Corporations and meeting planners want to leverage photo booths to promote and advertise at their events as well as lure customers to their booths at crowded conventions.
Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

Companies love using modern photo booths for the ability to customize images and backdrops with their logos, products and beyond. Connection to the internet means potential customers and influencers are posting images to Twitter and Facebook in real time as well as sharing photos via text and email. Further, top-of-the-line photo booths collect email and phone data for re-marketing to interested consumers.

Depending on the local market, photo booth companies charge $250-500 per hour for photo booth rental. Plus most events last over eight hours a day for multiple days.

More than corporate events, the wedding and party industry is growing, too. There were 2.3 million weddings in the United States last year with over $4 billion spent on those weddings.

Selfie Station is an industry-leading modern photo booth with all the bells and whistles to stand head and shoulders above the competition. That’s why Selfie Station has been the choice for Super Bowl 50, Google’s holiday party and a wide array of events for top brands, like Pfizer, Century 21, Zillow, Marc Jacobs and more.

Are you ready to make smiles the measure of your success? Let’s talk about this grin-grin situation. Call Selfie Station at 800-965-0150. A Selfie Station specialist will walk you through the process and make sure Selfie Station is a good fit in your area.

Selfie Station In Action


“SouthWest Selfies is a happy owner of the Selfie Station. We love the sleek design, the incredible computer and camera, and top-notch support from the Selfie Station staff. We are looking forward to our growing Selfie Station family”

Steve & Karen

“Selfie Station is the hero at every event. My clients say it’s the best thing they ever did for their event and they tell all their friends. It has been a total game changer for our business. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

Misti & Nikki

“Selfie Station has been so successful that we started getting double booked with so many events that we purchased an additional Selfie Station to keep up. The green screen special effects photos are a big hit at our events. People love the Selfie Station at events and we always get new bookings from doing events.”

John B.

“Selfie Station is an amazing product and is definitely a big hit at events where it’s booked. I recently ran an ad on a local event coupon website and was able to book over 20 events for the next couple of months. I have two Selfie Stations and will be adding more to our business this year.”

Adam S.

“I love seeing people happy. Selfie Station definitely does that at every event. It has allowed me to make extra income while doing something fun and enjoyable. Owning a Selfie Station has been a great opportunity. It was well worth the investment!”

Noemi F.